We all deserve a second chance… more than once

One thing we have learned from prisoners is that they want to change. They cannot always express their problem and do now know what to do about it… but THEY WANT TO CHANGE!

When asked to describe how they felt and saw themselves, they used words like FOGOTTEN ABOUT… UNWANTED… NOT NEEDED… USED… BROKEN… NEEDS FIXING… ABUSED… SCARED… DIRTY… JUNK… and many more descriptive words like this. 

A dream was birthed to ask people in our communities to look for things in their homes fitting these descriptions and donating them to our future 2nd Chance Thrift Store for the purpose of FIXING… MAKING NEW… MAKING USEFULL… RESTORING… CLEANING UP… SMOOTHING OUT THE ROUGHT PLACES… POLISHING UP… REPAIRING. 

All this will be done by the prisoners under our supervision to give them a sense of purpose and pride and providing a second chance not only for these items, but for the people in our program. 

As a 501(c)(3) ministry all donations will be tax deductible and all proceeds will help fund the mission of Family Home & Parenting.

As of now, we have a location donated to us for possible use, and we are praying about the next steps to take to make this a reality in the near future. 

Check Back Often For Updates On This Exciting Venture!!