Journey Of Healing And Recovery

We believe recovery is a shortened way of saying reconciliation. In our journey of recovery, we strive for reconciliation with God, ourselves and the other people in our lives. Although we live in a society that looks for instant solutions, we make no such promise. Recovery is a journey not a quick fix. It is a way of life.

Our success is in our journey as much as in our destination. Part of that journey is developing a support network with biblical influence in our lives. We believe obedience to God and time will bring success.

About The DUGOUT

In March 2020, The DUGOUT, was opened as a private spiritual residential recovery and discipleship home for men under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of Family Home & 
Parenting, Inc. The name “DUGOUT” represents the primary goal of our home:

Discipleship Under God Ongoing Understanding Truth – A lifelong journey of growing in the image of Jesus Christ.

Structure and accountability are essential. Our expectations are high in this regard. Every resident must seek and maintain suitable employment, participate in the regular maintenance of the house and grounds, attend Celebrate Recovery meetings and seek a spiritual way of life. Church attendance is required. Each resident must maintain a recovery sponsor.

The DUGOUT provides housing, assistance in job placement, transportation, structure and guidance. We have a program supervisor with years of recovery experience. Other recovery and pastoral volunteers assist as needed An in-depth 12 Step recovery education training program led by qualified persons is provided on a weekly basis. Every effort is made to make sure that each resident knows what to do to seek a lifestyle of recovery.

Entry to The DUGOUT is open to men age 19 and over who are willing to submit to spiritual authority. We look for people who are truly seeking recovery and to grow in a discipleship setting, not those who are made to seek recovery. God put on our hearts a desire to provide a clean and safe place…a spiritual home
where men with a desire to get out of the storm and redirect their journey spiritually, physically and emotionally are welcome.

The Mission

To serve and support men through the storms of this life.

To provide a refuge of shelter, food, love and most of all hope to those who have temporarily lost their way.

To nurture and encourage them using Biblical principals and spiritual guidance as they grow in their walk with Christ.

Application and House Rules

For more information on the program and requirements whiles in the program, please download and read our House Rules document.

Dugout House Rules

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our program, please have them fill out the form below: