Strong and healthy families make for strong and healthy communities!


In order for communities to be strong, vibrant, healthy, and safe, it is of paramount importance to understand that we need building blocks representing these essential aspects. 

The impact a family has on every individual’s past, presence and future and therefore the community at large cannot be understated. Our goal is to make every effort to help people understand and get back to the basic understanding that the nucleus family unit is the building blocks of our communities and societies.

At Family Home & Parenting we address the social, individual, and generational challenges families face and create programs that can turn the tide one parent; one child; one family at a time and bring to realization the benefits of having strong, vibrant, healthy, and safe families.

Helping people help themselves.

Helping families help themselves.


Join us in our mission! We can’t wait to have you in OUR ‘family’!


Discover our programs and how we offer support for individuals and families recovering from life-altering addictive behaviors.

Purpose Statement

The Family Home & Parenting Christian Recovery Home exists to present the Light of Jesus Christ to those struggling with addiction and their families, enable freedom from addiction and teach the skills necessary for a thriving, Christ-centered family through a structured, biblically-based program of individual and group recovery meetings utilizing Christian peer support specialists, Bible study, the application of Christ-centered 12-step principles, development of spiritual discipline, church attendance and work skills training. We believe the faith-based 12-steps are a practical guide to recovery from all hurts, hangups and habits  and therefore require attendance at Celebrate Recovery meetings.


The initial program launch will require an initial investment by private donors of around $500,000 to procure the infrastructure required to execute the program. The program will be sustained through fundraising efforts until the thrift store comes on line and becomes profitable. 

Admission & Cost

Individuals are interviewed/assessed for substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and motivation/suitability for the program. One week of sobriety must be demonstrated through a referral letter from a DETOX facility, rehabilitation program, or letter of certification from clergy.

Individuals will be required to make an initial deposit of $250 for admission and will continue to pay $100 per week for room and board (compensated for work in the thrift store). 

Program Elements

Phase One: 12-Week Individual Residential Recovery Program

Geographically separated accommodation and classroom facilities for females, males and families. Children are allowed to join female participants after the first two weeks of the program. Phased family reintegration after 4 weeks of participation. The emphasis in this phase is individual recovery from addiction, development of individual coping skills, and individual spiritual discipline.

Phase Two: 12-Week Family Residential Recovery Program

Depending on individual progress in recovery, families may be permitted to reside as a family unit in the family quarters of the facility. The emphasis in this phase is on strengthening skills learned in Phase One while developing marital and parenting skills.

Eligibility For Transition And Extended Stay

  • Sober living accommodations within an easy commute to local communities are available for those transitioning back to the community.
  • Selected individuals desiring to remain on staff after graduation may remain and receive training. 


Program Components
  • Study – Classroom and individual study of addiction and the Word of God (Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden, 25 weeks)
  • Coping Skills Training
  • Celebrate Recovery – 12-Step Study (25 Week Small Group Study)
  • Recovery Meetings – Mandatory attendance at five in-house/local CR recovery meetings
  • Mandatory Church attendance each week
  • Work Therapy – Each individual is required to work 4 hours per day at the facility or thrift store
  • Marriage Course
  • Parenting Course
  • Other  (depending on the individual): GED, driver education, tech school training.